AFO Brace For Foot Drop

Using an AFO brace to correct a foot drop is an effective way to reduce the amount of flexion in the ankle and foot. These braces are made from different materials, including nylon, neoprene, and foams. Nylon and neoprene braces are known to be lightweight and flexible, while foams tend to provide more comfort. The main purpose of an AFO brace is to help people with foot drop to return to their normal lifestyle. Depending on the severity of their condition, they can be either temporary or permanent.

A soft AFO for foot drop helps treat achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. It works by keeping the foot dorsiflexed to around a 90-degree angle. The soft AFO supports natural gait by holding the foot at a close 90-degree angle. While many plantar fasciitis braces only provide nighttime support, this type of brace can be worn during the day. It is made from medical-grade materials and features an adjustable strap.

The step-smart design offers resistance as the heel hits the ground, preventing further injuries to the foot. It comes in three resistance levels, and is adjustable for a variety of symptoms. Besides foot drop, the Otrhomen AFO brace is also available. It is a good option for peroneal nerve injury or sciatic nerve lesions. It keeps the foot stable and firm, and it is very lightweight.

The Step-Smart Drop AFO Brace is a low-profile and energy-efficient device that offers comfort and functionality. It has patented Jacob Joint technology for shock absorption at heel strike and natural toe breaks. This provides an extra benefit when it comes to foot drop: it keeps the ankle action, feeling, and flexibility intact. Another feature of this AFO is its design, which is highly beneficial to the feet and ankle joint.

Afo braces for foot drop are not as bulky as the XTERN. In addition to providing comfort, the XTERN attaches to the outside of the shoe, and feels like a leg replacement. The only limitation is that most orthotics are not compatible with regular footwear. They should only be worn with specially designed orthopaedic footwear. If you are still concerned about how they’ll fit into your shoes, you can consult with your orthopaedic professional to help you choose the right style.

Another advantage of the FREEDOM(r) Soft Footdrop Brace is that it conforms to the calf and ankle. This makes it virtually invisible when worn underneath stockings. The FreeDOM(r) Soft Footdrop Brace is especially effective in post-polio and hypermobile patients. It also includes a semi-rigid plantar footplate to provide a stable support surface.

An AFO brace for foot drop helps restore normal walking patterns by lifting the front of the foot and reducing the dragging. The AFO brace helps normalize walking patterns and helps avoid further complications. This brace is easy to use and can be purchased directly from Suzanne. You can view a video tutorial at the New England Food Drop Center website. When purchasing, be sure to follow instructions carefully and watch the installation tutorial.